Dr. Julie Yemi Jonathan

member BoT 

Over the last 9 years, on the PEPFAR grant, Dr. Yemi has functioned in technical, programmatic and managerial capacities at senior management levels under the public health development programs. In his capacity as the Technical lead for the University of Maryland TB/HIV Program in Nigeria, he facilitated the introduction of mobile diagnostic radiological technique that resulted in intensified TB case findings in one of the states where he worked. In addition, he facilitated the commencement of the construction of a Bio safety level 3 laboratories for TB diagnosis in Ebonyi state through a twining relationship with the Medical Research Council Gambia, an effort that the National TB program of Nigeria is currently leveraging on with its active effort towards the fight against Tuberculosis.


Furthermore, she led multiple teams of young, inexperienced clinical staff comprising of doctors, nurses and community based specialist to activating hospitals as comprehensive HIV/AIDS service providers across 6 states of Nigeria and also built their capacities in mentoring skills as part of follow up technical assistance to these hospitals. These activities complemented PEPFAR and government of Nigerian’s effort in scale out and scale up of sustainable HIV/AIDS services in the country. As a public health practitioner on the AIDS Relief and anti-retroviral therapy across 6 states of the federation including hard to reach/limited access areas of Rivers and the volatile regions including Delta, Kaduna and Kano states, an efforts that resulted in a remarkable improvement in enrolment and treatment outcomes of HIV infected patients enrolled on the program.